Synology DiskStation DS418J Synology DiskStation DS418J Synology DiskStation DS418J Synology DiskStation DS418J Synology DiskStation DS418J Synology DiskStation DS418J
หมวดหมู่สินค้า: 4-Bay
รหัส : SNL-DS418J
จาก 12,490.00 บาท ลดทันที 1790 บาท
ราคา 10,700.00 บาท


13 กรกฎาคม 2561

ผู้ชม 2635 ผู้ชม

DiskStation DS418j

Powerful entry-level 4-bay NAS for home data backup and multimedia streaming



CPU Model

  • Realtek RTD1293

CPU Frequency

  • Dual Core 1.4 GHz

System Memory

  • 1 GB DDR4

RJ-45 1GbE LAN Port

  • 1

USB 3.0 Port

  • 2


  • 2 Years



Ideal Companion for Your Private Cloud

DS418j is a 4-bay NAS server designed for home and personal users to effectively manage, protect and share data. Its new 64-bit dual-core processor supports over 40 TB raw single volume capacity for flexible data management.


64-bit dual-core 1.4GHz


Twice the RAM size, 1GB DDR4

Fast Performance

over 112 MB/s encrypted reading and 87 MB/s encrypted writing performance


21.22 W in access and 8.97 W in HDD hibernation


Stream content to your TV

Turn your Synology NAS into a home media hub and stream your digital contents to your favorite devices such as computers, mobile devices, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and DLNA devices.

Apple TV

Android TV

Samsung TV


Centralized backup storage for your computers

Back up any devices, whether it is a Windows computer, Mac, or other devices. Synology's comprehensive multi-version backup solution can protect your PC and NAS against malicious attacks including the rising encryption-based ransomware threats.


Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) technology

Storage management is easy with Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) technology. SHR is an automated RAID management system allowing you to easily create and expand storage volumes and migrate RAID types without requiring details on RAID. SHR provides 1 to 2-disk redundancy to safeguard your data during drive failures.


SHR maximizes the data capacity of your RAID when different sizes of HDDs are used. 

Easy Management

For novice users who have no technical background and still want to protect their data using RAID technology, a convenient installation wizard will guide you through all the steps during your first installation.


You can add new disks on the fly in Storage Manager with a simple click


While creating a volume, you can plan ahead and leave empty and unallocated space for future usage.


Easy file access with QuickConnect

Access files on your Synology NAS over the Internet without the hassle of setting up port forwarding rules, DDNS, or other complicated network settings. QuickConnect allows you to connect via a secure, customizable address, so that you can instantly access media and work files on any Internet-connected device with no additional charge.


Seamless integration with your devices

Synology mobile applications are designed to allow quick and secure access to your data wherever you are.

DS audio

DS photo

DS video


Powered by Synology DSM

Surveillance Station

Complete surveillance solution for recording, monitoring, and management.


Desktop Backup

Simplified backup solution for your Mac, PC, and mobile devices.


Complete multimedia solution for management, streaming, and playback.



Award-winning operating system with an intuitive user interface and powerful capabilities.



Comprehensive built-in security tools are constantly updated to tackle evolving threats and protect your devices.


Complete multimedia solution for management, streaming, and playback.


  1. Status indicator
  2. LAN indicator
  3. Power button and indicator
  4. Drive status indicator
  5. 1GbE RJ-45 port
  6. Power port
  7. Kensington Security Slot
  8. Fan
  9. USB 3.0 port
  10. Reset button